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Due to the "shelter-in-place" order, our taproom is closed.

We are offering crowlers of anything we have on tap to go.

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Hours of Operation

Wednesday: 4-8PM

Friday: 4-8PM

Saturday: 2-6PM

Sunday: 12-4PM

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On Tap Beers

Name Style ABV
Brush Pass + ‡ Roggenbier 5.1%
Frères Belges + ‡ Belgian Blonde 7.6%
Red Hand + ‡ Irish Red 5.5%
Ctrl-Alt-Del + ‡ Altbier 5.8%
C-Rations + ‡ IPA 7.5%
Hokus Smokus + ‡ Grodziskie (Gratzer) 3.7%
Ode to Odin + ‡ Juicy IPA 7.5%
Smokescreen + ‡ Smoked Baltic Porter 9.7%
Galaxy 763 + ‡ NE IPA 6.6%
Murph's Shenanigans + ‡ Brwn w/Coffee,Vanilla,Cacao 6.8%
Are You Sure, Hun? + ‡ Pink Boots IPA 7.9%
Lucifer's Casket + ‡ Scotch Ale 9.3%
Sharkleberry Finn + ‡ Blueberry Kettle Sour 3.6%
Too Many Secrets + ‡ Oat Pale Ale 5.8%
Patent Pending + ‡ Irish Export Stout 5.5%

Expanded hours!!

+ Growler Fill Available

‡ Crowler Fill Available

Hours of Operation

Wednesday: 4-8PM

Friday: 4-8PM

Saturday: 2-6PM

Sunday: 12-4PM

Our Beers

Full Beer List

Are You Sure, Hun?

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Brush Pass

A German rye beer made with a hefeweizen yeast to provide some banana and clove notes. A little spicy character from the rye malt is a nice finishing touch

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An IPA brewed in the West Coast style with all 'C' hops: Columbus, Centennial and Citra.

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Inspired by the classic altbiers of Düsseldorf's Altstadt (Old Town), Clandestine's Ctrl-Alt-Del is a cool fermented, amber ale brewed that has a great balance of malt and bitterness complimented with the characteristic spicy/floral Noble hops aroma.

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Frères Belges

A classic Belgian-inspired Blond Ale featuring a malt bill of Pilsner, Wheat, and Aromatic malts. This malt bill combined with a flavorful Belgian yeast strain produces a slightly hazy, light gold ale that is malt forward, dry-finishing with a subtle spiciness.

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Galaxy 763

This light bodied, hazy IPA is made with a simple malt bill of barley and flaked oats but has the perfect combo of Galaxy, Mosaic, and Citra hops along with a flavorful English Ale yeast. What's with the funky name? 763 is the sum of the original hop identifiers for Citra (HBC-394) and Mosaic (HBC-369).

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Hokus Smokus

Inspired by the Polish Grodziskie smoked wheat ale. Grodziskie (also known by the German name Grätzer) is a historical blonde ale featuring large amounts of oak smoked wheat malt and low alcohol. Our version also features an addition of cherrywood smoked barley to complement the oak smoked wheat malt.

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Lucifer's Casket

Lucifer's Casket is a beer in the Scotch Wee Heavy style of strong ales. This is a sweet and malty devil that we age a minimum of 6 months before serving to mellow the alcohol notes and reach its peak flavor.

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Murph's Shenanigans

A medium-bodied ale with additions of coarse-ground coffee, plenty of vanilla beans, along with cacao nibs and oak cubes. After aging together for at least a week, the intense flavors of all the components meld into one incredibly tasty beer!

More details

Ode to Odin

Our newest Hazy IPA comes from a HeadQuarters Homebrew Club competition. The challenge: brew a beer with Kveik. Historically, Kveik was used to make Norweigen farmhouse ales. Recently it has grown in popularity among homebrewers and craft brewers alike. One amazing property of this yeast is its ability to ferment at high temperatures. We fermented Ode to Odin at 95F!

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Patent Pending

A bigger cousin to the dry Irish stout, this export-style stout has caramel notes that match delicious roastiness from black patent malt. Patent Pending is fermented with traditional dry Irish yeast allegedly from a certain brewery in the St. James's Gate area of Dublin. Also on tap on Nitro!

More details

Red Hand

Our Irish Red Ale made for St. Patricks Day with prominent caramel notes and low bitterness. Red Hand also features a prominent note of roasted bar in the finish that really rounds out the flavor profile.

More details

Sharkleberry Finn

More details


Baltic porters are high alcohol, robust porters that originated in the Baltic states. However, unlike their English Porter counterparts. Baltic Porters are fermented with a lager strain to give a crisp, clean flavor. Our twist on this style incorporates smoked German malt. Don't get distracted by this Smokescreen!

More details

Too Many Secrets

A session oat pale ale that features Citra hops. Don’t worry though - this beer is still accessible even if hoppy beers are not to your taste. Oats play a serious role in the flavor of this delicate ale with the additions of oat malt, and oat flakes. With low to moderate bitterness, the oats provide a berry like flavor to compliment the tropical fruit and citrus of the Citra hops.

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  • Mark M. is drinking C-Rations IPA, 5 days, 1 hour ago
  • Tobias I. is drinking Brush Pass, 3 days, 2 hours ago
    It's cold, it's wet and this beer certainly makes...
  • Clandestine Brewing @ClandestineBrew  ·  1 week, 4 days ago

    To-Go crowler sales continue today! Pickup times are from 2PM-6PM. For fast and safe service, order from our onli… https://t.co/yii91PxPVD

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  • Thomas R. is drinking Red Hand, 3 days, 21 hours ago
  • Clandestine Brewing @ClandestineBrew  ·  1 week, 1 day ago

    Sharkleberry Finn, our blueberry kettle sour ale, will be available in crowlers tomorrow April 1st. Seriously. Th… https://t.co/VgjExe6oP4

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  • Colin is drinking Ode To Odin, 4 days, 23 hours ago
  • Thomas R. is drinking Frères Belges, 2 hours, 52 minutes ago
    Guess I liked it more second time around.
  • Clandestine Brewing @ClandestineBrew  ·  1 week, 3 days ago

    Thank you for continuing to support your local brewery. With your help, we'll get through these difficult times.… https://t.co/x1mNAnaV6n

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  • Thomas R. is drinking Brush Pass, 3 days, 21 hours ago
  • David is drinking Sharkleberry Finn, 5 days ago
  • Chelsea H. is drinking Sharkleberry Finn, 5 days ago
    Tasted like fruity pebbles
  • Doug B. is drinking Are You Sure ... Hun?, 3 days, 3 hours ago
  • Jonathan D. is drinking Red Hand, 5 days, 2 hours ago
    Tgif.. sad it will rain tomorrow
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  • Jane G. is drinking Galaxy 763, 3 days, 23 hours ago
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  • Tobias I. is drinking Smokescreen, 5 days, 1 hour ago


    About Us

    We are passionate about brewing and united in our quest to produce beer of the highest quality. Meet the team...

    Adrian & Christine

    Growing up in Colorado, Adrian was surrounded by great craft breweries like Avery, Odell's and Left Hand. After a few misadventures with homebrewing in college and moving to California he took the hobby more seriously. Christine has seen this hobby grow to a garage-consuming obsession and now business. Somehow, she continues to put up with it.

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Belgian Trippel


    Rob considers himself a total beer nerd. He loves experimenting with different styles, ingredients and techniques as part of the brewing process.

    Favorite non-IPA style:

    Colin & Liz

    A software engineer by day, Colin discovered what would come to be known as craft beer while in college and began homebrewing at about the same time. He returned to homebrewing several years ago, after a hiatus that included training for a number of endurance sports for charity, and enjoys a lot of the DIY aspect of the hobby -- both in making the actual beer, as well as the piecing together equipment. When not working or planning more brewing projects, he can often be found training for his next endurance race. Liz discovered brewing right before meeting Colin and continues to love to learn all that she can about styles and techniques.

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Colin - Dortmunder Export
    Liz - Belgian Quad


    dWiGhT Mulcahy makes a living as a Senior Software Developer in the heart of Silicon Valley during the day but lives a dual life as an avid homebrewer during his free time. He has amassed over 200 ribbons with over a dozen BestOfShows in California and Texas winning multiple awards at National events. The winner of several ProAm events, he has brewed on several "big-boy" systems hoping one day to fulfill his dream of shoveling out grain from the mash tun for a living. Born in Texas but raised in Germany he calls himself a Native German Texan and loves his bier! Prost!

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Dusseldorf Altbier