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Due to the "shelter-in-place" order, our taproom is closed.

We are offering crowlers of anything we have on tap to go.

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Hours of Operation

Wednesday: 4-8PM

Friday: 4-8PM

Saturday: 2-6PM

Sunday: 12-4PM

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On Tap Beers

Name Style ABV
Codename: VW + ‡ Helles Weizenbock 7.7%
Frères Belges + ‡ Belgian Blonde 7.6%
Brian's Margarita Wit + ‡ Witbier with Agave and Lime 9.8%
Elsie's Marzen + ‡ Märzen 6.5%
DeBock Ale + ‡ Red Ale 6.6%
El Jefe + ‡ Hefeweizen with chilli peppers 5.0%
Agente Secreto + ‡ Mexican Lager 6.0%
Smokescreen + ‡ Smoked Baltic Porter 9.7%
All Together + ‡ NE IPA 7.3%
Cinco Lúpulos + ‡ IPA 7.9%
Turncoat + ‡ IPA 8.0%
Maihem + ‡ Maibock 8.3%
Agent O + ‡ Kettle Sour 3.5%
Boycott + ‡ Best Bitter 5.4%
Patent Pending + ‡ Irish Export Stout 5.5%

Expanded hours!!

+ Growler Fill Available

‡ Crowler Fill Available

Hours of Operation

Wednesday: 4-8PM

Friday: 4-8PM

Saturday: 2-6PM

Sunday: 12-4PM

Our Beers

Full Beer List

Agente Secreto

Brewed with a popular Mexican lager yeast and made with a lot of flaked maize, this beer is light and refreshing -- perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

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Agent O

Agent O is a kettle sour gose that is LOADED with locally sourced olallieberries giving it a brilliant red pour with a pink head. It has a mild saltiness at the front and finishes tart and fruity.

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All Together

More details


The verb ‘boycott’ came from Charles Boycott, an English landlord so disagreeable and disliked that he was shunned by an entire village thus originating the term ‘to boycott’. Our Boycott Best Bitter, though, is much more agreeable. Boycott is made with Scottish Golden Promise malt, dark English crystal malt, with additions of UK Target, UK Goldings, UK Jester, and American Centennial hops.

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Brian's Margarita Wit

Brian Schar has a been a friend of the Clandestine team for years through the Worts of Wisdom homebrew club. He has been homebrewing for over 25 years, and loves the experimentation and creativity of the hobby. His beer knowledge is vast as Brian is also a master-level homebrew judge. The Margarita Wit is an imperial Belgian Wit beer with agave nectar and lime juice suggestive of the flavors of your favorite Margarita.

More details

Cinco Lúpulos

IPA with five hop varieties and dry hopped with Sabro, a hop with wild neo-Mexicanus hop origins.

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Codename: VW

A classic German Helles Weizen-bock. VW is a deceptively dangerous beer which amps up the clove and banana flavors of a Hefeweizen along with a much higher ABV. As with most German styles of beer, the goal is to achieve balance so even with the increased flavors of clove and banana, there should be a minimal increase in sweetness so that the beer remains deceptively easy to drink.

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DeBock Ale

This dark ale is based on Bocklash, our rich and malty traditional bock. While Bocklash is available in the fall, this ale serves as a preview with same rich, toasty and caramel notes. In addition, DeBock Ale also delivers a moderate amount of fruitiness from the ale yeast along with a hint of dank citrus from a small dry hop addition of high alpha American hops.

More details

El Jefe

El Jefe is our hefeweizen ale with the addition of oak smoked wheat malt plus Guajillo and Chile de Arbol chili peppers. In addition to the traditional hefeweizen flavors, El Jefe has a touch of a savory note along with chili spiciness but is still very easy to drink.

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Elsie's Marzen

This malty and smooth German lager was the creation of our good friend Scott Satterthwaite and won a gold medal at the 2017 National Homebrew Competition. Named after the brewer Scott's 107 year old grandmother. Elsie from Chelsea was famous for her fresh baked soft pretzels and this beer is a tribute to her. We are honored to collaborate with Scott to faithfully reproduce this gold medal winner for our Oktoberfest.

More details

Frères Belges

A classic Belgian-inspired Blond Ale featuring a malt bill of Pilsner, Wheat, and Aromatic malts. This malt bill combined with a flavorful Belgian yeast strain produces a slightly hazy, light gold ale that is malt forward, dry-finishing with a subtle spiciness.

More details


Clandestine's Maihem is a well-hopped, strong golden lager that showcases the short list of German malts used to brew it. A clean, crisp lager despite it's alcohol content, it is a tribute to the traditional beers of Bavaria. Despite the additional hops over a Bock, this is a malty draft that is never astringent.

More details

Patent Pending

A bigger cousin to the dry Irish stout, this export-style stout has caramel notes that match delicious roastiness from black patent malt. Patent Pending is fermented with traditional dry Irish yeast allegedly from a certain brewery in the St. James's Gate area of Dublin. Also on tap on Nitro!

More details


Baltic porters are high alcohol, robust porters that originated in the Baltic states. However, unlike their English Porter counterparts. Baltic Porters are fermented with a lager strain to give a crisp, clean flavor. Our twist on this style incorporates smoked German malt. Don't get distracted by this Smokescreen!

More details


At the brewery we go back and forth between craving the newer hazy NE IPAs and our favorite west coast IPAs. It could be said that Turncoat is a _traitor_ to the _Haze Craze_, but it actually blends the styles a little. Turncoat has a light malt bill and includes oat malt and flaked oats. It is moderately bitter and has been amply dry-hopped.

More details

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    Malts > hops, as to style.


    About Us

    We are passionate about brewing and united in our quest to produce beer of the highest quality. Meet the team...

    Adrian & Christine

    Growing up in Colorado, Adrian was surrounded by great craft breweries like Avery, Odell's and Left Hand. After a few misadventures with homebrewing in college and moving to California he took the hobby more seriously. Christine has seen this hobby grow to a garage-consuming obsession and now business. Somehow, she continues to put up with it.

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Belgian Trippel


    Rob considers himself a total beer nerd. He loves experimenting with different styles, ingredients and techniques as part of the brewing process.

    Favorite non-IPA style:

    Colin & Liz

    A software engineer by day, Colin discovered what would come to be known as craft beer while in college and began homebrewing at about the same time. He returned to homebrewing several years ago, after a hiatus that included training for a number of endurance sports for charity, and enjoys a lot of the DIY aspect of the hobby -- both in making the actual beer, as well as the piecing together equipment. When not working or planning more brewing projects, he can often be found training for his next endurance race. Liz discovered brewing right before meeting Colin and continues to love to learn all that she can about styles and techniques.

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Colin - Dortmunder Export
    Liz - Belgian Quad


    dWiGhT Mulcahy makes a living as a Senior Software Developer in the heart of Silicon Valley during the day but lives a dual life as an avid homebrewer during his free time. He has amassed over 200 ribbons with over a dozen BestOfShows in California and Texas winning multiple awards at National events. The winner of several ProAm events, he has brewed on several "big-boy" systems hoping one day to fulfill his dream of shoveling out grain from the mash tun for a living. Born in Texas but raised in Germany he calls himself a Native German Texan and loves his bier! Prost!

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Dusseldorf Altbier