Welcome to Clandestine Brewing!

Some time ago, a plot was hatched among a few accomplished homebrewers, could it be possible to turn a passion into a business? After visiting a few nanobreweries for inspiration, we began working on plans for Clandestine Brewing. Now, the secret is out...

Hours of Operation

Wednesday: 4-10PM

Thursday: 4-10PM

Friday: 3-10PM

Saturday: 12-10PM

Sunday: 12-8PM

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On Tap Beers

Name Style ABV
BND + ‡ Hefeweizen 6.1%
Cascade Rations + ‡ IPA 6.1%
Tripel Agent + ‡ Belgian Tripel 10.1%
Dwarf Galaxy + ‡ Milk Stout 3.7%
Lucifer's Casket Scotch Ale 9.3%
El Dorado Rations IPA 6.1%
ICA + ‡ IPA/ Cream Ale 5.8%
Patent Pending + ‡ Irish Export Stout 6.4%
Murph's Shenanigans + ‡ Coffee, Vanilla & Cacao Brown 6.8%
Frères Belges Belgian Blonde 7.6%
Red Hand + ‡ Irish Red 5.4%
Tipsy Hipster + ‡ NE IPA 6.8%
Smokescreen Smoked Baltic Porter 9.7%
Festivus Ale Hoppy Amber 5.4%

Expanded hours!!

+ Growler Fill Available

‡ Crowler Fill Available

Hours of Operation

Wednesday: 4-10PM

Thursday: 4-10PM

Friday: 3-10PM

Saturday: 12-10PM

Sunday: 12-8PM

Our Beers

Full Beer List


Clandestine's BND Hefeweizen (literally, 'Yeast Wheat'), is inspired by the complex, malty Wheat beers of Bavaria. BND is possessed of all the key attributes of the style, exploding with banana and bubblegum esters and clove-like phenols. To compliment the complex flavors of the Wheat and yeast interaction, only a small amount of Noble hops are added. The resulting beer is full-bodied, yet refreshing and without bitterness.

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Cascade Rations

Cascade Rations is our C-Rations IPA dosed with distilled Cascade hop oil. The distilled hop oil provides a definite burst of fresh grapefruit.

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Dwarf Galaxy

This beer is dedicated to our many beer loving friends who clamor for flavorful but low ABV session beers. Dwarf Galaxy is such a beer and is modeled after our Milky Way Stout but with a hint of an English Dark Mild Ale. We find the lower ABV when done properly can enrich the chocolate, roasty, sweet flavors of a Milk Stout.

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El Dorado Rations

El Dorado Rations is our C-Rations IPA dosed with steam distilled El Dorado hop oil made from freshly harvested hops.

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Festivus Ale

This hoppy amber ale is especially made for the holiday season. Festivus features English barley and hops, and then receives a dry hopping with more English hops and American Cascade hops.

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Frères Belges

A classic Belgian-inspired Blond Ale featuring a malt bill of Pilsner, Wheat, and Aromatic malts. This malt bill combined with a flavorful Belgian yeast strain produces a slightly hazy, light gold ale that is malt forward, dry-finishing with a subtle spiciness.

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We call this beer an India Cream Ale (ICA) because it is a hybrid IPA and Cream Ale. A cream ale is an extremely light-bodied blond ale usually made with an addition of an adjunct such as maize. In this case, we used a healthy amount of organic corn malt plus Simcoe, Chinook, El Dorado, and Vic Secret hops.

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Lucifer's Casket

Lucifer's Casket is a beer in the Scotch Wee Heavy style of strong ales. This is a sweet and malty devil that we age a minimum of 6 months before serving to mellow the alcohol notes and reach its peak flavor.

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Murph's Shenanigans

A medium-bodied ale with additions of coarse-ground coffee, plenty of vanilla beans, along with cacao nibs and oak cubes. After aging together for at least a week, the intense flavors of all the components meld into one incredibly tasty beer!

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Patent Pending

A bigger cousin to the dry Irish stout, this export-style stout has caramel notes that match delicious roastiness from black patent malt. Patent Pending is fermented with traditional dry Irish yeast allegedly from a certain brewery in the St. James's Gate area of Dublin. Also on tap on Nitro!

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Red Hand

Our Irish Red Ale made for St. Patricks Day with prominent caramel notes and low bitterness. Red Hand also features a prominent note of roasted bar in the finish that really rounds out the flavor profile.

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Smoked Baltic Porter

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Tipsy Hipster

A hazy IPA brewed that prominently features Simcoe and Chinook hops plus a few other hops during the boil. Dry hops are then added both during and after fermentation to accentuate hop aroma. The malt base of American 2-row Barley malt, and sizable addition of flaked oats provides a smooth mouthfeel without getting in the way of the hops.

More details

Tripel Agent

A classic Belgian tripel: deceptively potent, with a deep golden color and soft, enticing drinkability.

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    Really light but with good flavor still.
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    Matt i found a way to check in to team VW! Today...
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    About Us

    We are passionate about brewing and united in our quest to produce beer of the highest quality. Meet the team...

    Adrian & Christine

    Growing up in Colorado, Adrian was surrounded by great craft breweries like Avery, Odell's and Left Hand. After a few misadventures with homebrewing in college and moving to California he took the hobby more seriously. Christine has seen this hobby grow to a garage-consuming obsession and now business. Somehow, she continues to put up with it.

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Belgian Trippel


    Rob considers himself a total beer nerd. He loves experimenting with different styles, ingredients and techniques as part of the brewing process.

    Favorite non-IPA style:

    Colin & Liz

    A software engineer by day, Colin discovered what would come to be known as craft beer while in college and began homebrewing at about the same time. He returned to homebrewing several years ago, after a hiatus that included training for a number of endurance sports for charity, and enjoys a lot of the DIY aspect of the hobby -- both in making the actual beer, as well as the piecing together equipment. When not working or planning more brewing projects, he can often be found training for his next endurance race. Liz discovered brewing right before meeting Colin and continues to love to learn all that she can about styles and techniques.

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Colin - Dortmunder Export
    Liz - Belgian Quad


    dWiGhT Mulcahy makes a living as a Senior Software Developer in the heart of Silicon Valley during the day but lives a dual life as an avid homebrewer during his free time. He has amassed over 200 ribbons with over a dozen BestOfShows in California and Texas winning multiple awards at National events. The winner of several ProAm events, he has brewed on several "big-boy" systems hoping one day to fulfill his dream of shoveling out grain from the mash tun for a living. Born in Texas but raised in Germany he calls himself a Native German Texan and loves his bier! Prost!

    Favorite non-IPA style:
    Dusseldorf Altbier